1978 Chrysler Cordoba Is a Picture of Style and Taste

Jackson Wheeler
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1975-1977 Chrysler Cordoba personal luxury coupe was perfect for its time, selling around 150,000 units for each of those three years with smooth-talking Ricardo Montalban as pitchman.

For 1978, the Cordoba got a facelift with straighter lines and stacked-quad rectangular headlights resembling the Ford Ranchero‘s, and Chrysler hired a card-carrying New York City fashion photographer to shoot it for this magazine advertisement.

1978 chrysler cordoba magazine advertisement


Anthony Downes Edgeworth had a photography studio on Fifth Avenue during the 1970s and did much advertising and magazine work, after which he became one of the world’s foremost photographers of golf courses.

Perhaps his description of the Halo roof-equipped ’78 Cordoba Landau as “uncluttered” seems a bit off by today’s standards, but New York in the late 1970s was a challenging environment in which to think clearly.

If only we could go back in time and persuade Lee Iacocca to hire Phillip Dixon to shoot the new Cordoba with Debbie Harry as model, the way Dixon had done so beautifully with a slightly earlier Chrysler product the year before.

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