20 Best Bikes of the Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

Jackson Wheeler
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Sold for $148,500

A beautiful Henderson Four! This one looks to be in concours condition. Take this to The Quail and you could win something. Or just ride it around. The 1,068-cc four has got to be powerful, though no engine output is listed. Mecum fills us in:

Truly exceptional machines, 4-cylinder Henderson motorcycles have enchanted all lucky enough to have encountered one. This immaculate 1914 Henderson, with its blue and silver paint, oceans of nickel plate and elegant posture, makes it clear why so many have referred to Henderson as the “Duesenberg of Motorcycles.” Its creator, William G. Henderson, was born into a family ideally suited to produce such a monumental vehicle. Henderson’s grandfather, Alexander Winton, founded the Winton Motor Carriage Company in Cleveland, Ohio, and became the first commercially successful automobile manufacturer in America.

His grandson William Henderson came to work as a designer and draftsman at the factory in 1899, helping develop the Winton car during its meteoric rise. However, Henderson was captivated by the developments happening in the two-wheeled niche, and when Percy Pierce unveiled his inline 4-cylinder motorcycle, heavily inspired by the Belgian-made FN in 1909, his interest was piqued. In his grandfather’s factory, Henderson set about developing his own inline “four,” in 1911, and his prototype was ready. The first Henderson was a long and luxurious belt-driven F-head 4-cylinder, an unusual format compared to popular V-twins of the time but offering a superior smoothness and ample amount of power.

Mecum says this 1914 Henderson Four has undergone a concours restoration at the talented hands of marque expert Chris Matthews. A beautiful bike.

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