2023 Lucid Air Sedan Receives Significant $5150-$12,550 Price Reductions

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Pricing for the 2023 Lucid Air has been significantly reduced, offering customers substantial savings on each trim level. The Air Pure model now starts at $83,900, which is over $5000 cheaper than its previous price. Furthermore, both the Touring and Grand Touring models have seen a remarkable $12,550 decrease in their starting prices. In addition to these price cuts, the destination charges have also been reduced from $1650 to $1500.

Lucid a luxury electric-vehicle manufacturer

has officially announced these price reductions for its Air electric sedan. The company aims to make its vehicles more accessible to a wider range of customers by reducing prices across different trim levels, with the most significant reductions applied to the Touring and Grand Touring models.

As a result of these changes

the dual-motor AWD Air Pure model now starts at $83,900, representing a $5150 reduction from its previous price. On the other hand, both the Touring and Grand Touring models have witnessed a substantial $12,550 decrease in their starting prices. This means that the Touring model now has a price tag of $96,500, while the Grand Touring model can be purchased for $127,100.

These recent price reductions bring the Lucid Air back in line with the company’s original pricing figures, which were announced in March 2022. The starting price for the Air Pure model was initially set at $78,900, and the Touring model was priced at $96,500.

While these price cuts have brought the Lucid Air back to its initial pricing figures, there are still some unanswered questions regarding pricing for other models. Specifically, the pricing for the rear-drive Pure model, scheduled to become available in September, remains unconfirmed. Lucid has not yet stated whether the original starting price of $78,900 for the 2022 model will be carried over to the new release.

2023 Lucid Air Sedan Furthermore

there is no new price information available for the 2024 Grand Touring Performance model. Currently absent from the Lucid online configurator, it is unclear whether this top-spec model will be continued in the 2024 model year. Lucid declined to comment on the matter, leading to speculation that the Grand Touring Performance model may not be part of the company’s future lineup.

As car enthusiasts eagerly await confirmation on pricing for these models, it is worth noting that the recent price reductions for the Lucid Air have made the luxury electric sedan more affordable and attractive to potential buyers. With its impressive range, cutting-edge technology, and now more competitive pricing, the Lucid Air is poised to make a significant impact in the electric vehicle market.

2023 Lucid Air Sedan In conclusion

Lucid has made significant price reductions across its 2023 Lucid Air lineup, making the luxury electric sedan more accessible to customers. The Air Pure model now starts at $83,900, while the Touring and Grand Touring models have seen remarkable reductions of $12,550 in their starting prices. These changes bring the Lucid Air back in line with the company’s original pricing figures, offering customers the opportunity to own a high-performance electric vehicle at a more affordable price. With the upcoming release of the rear-drive Pure model and uncertainty surrounding the Grand Touring Performance model, car enthusiasts eagerly await further information on pricing for these models. Overall, the recent price cuts demonstrate Lucid’s commitment to providing customers with exceptional value and positioning the Lucid Air as a leading player in the luxury electric vehicle market.

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