2025 Nissan Murano SUV Unveils Sleek and Futuristic Redesign

Jackson Wheeler
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Nissan is currently working on the next generation of the popular Murano SUV, as seen in recently leaked spy photos. The fourth-generation model boasts an intriguing design with a sleek and curvaceous overall shape. It is expected to hit the market early next year as a 2025 model. The current generation of the Murano has been around for quite some time, so fans of the vehicle will be excited to see what Nissan has in store for the new iteration.

The previous versions of the Nissan Murano have always been known for their fashion-forward styling, and the fourth generation seems to continue that trend. The front of the vehicle features slim headlights that give it a distinctive appearance. The window treatment is also unique, with a kicked-up C-pillar, while the sharply angled rear hatch adds to its sporty aesthetic. The wheels showcased in the spy photos hint at the possibility of Nissan offering a Midnight appearance package for the new Murano.

Under the hood, the new Murano is expected to share its powertrain with the three-row Nissan Pathfinder. This means that front-wheel drive will come standard, with the option for all-wheel drive. The reliable 3.5-liter V6 engine, which produces between 284 and 295 horsepower in the Pathfinder, will likely be used in the Murano as well. However, fans are hoping that Nissan will replace the outdated continuously variable automatic transmission found in the current Murano with the smoother nine-speed automatic transmission used in the Pathfinder.

Rumors have also circulated about the possibility of the Murano featuring Nissan’s e-Power hybrid system. This system combines an electric motor and a gasoline engine, with the motor powering the car and the engine acting as a generator. While the e-Power system is already available in various Nissan models abroad, its introduction to the U.S. market remains uncertain.

While no interior photos of the 2025 Murano have been released yet, it is likely that the cabin will share design elements with Nissan’s Ariya electric crossover. The new Murano will feature two rows of seats, providing seating for five passengers. The infotainment screen is also expected to be larger than the current model’s dated 8.0-inch display.

More information about the 2025 Nissan Murano is expected to be revealed in the coming months as Nissan prepares to showcase the next-generation SUV. It is anticipated to go on sale in 2024, with prices starting around the mid-$30,000 range.

In summary, the upcoming fourth-generation Nissan Murano is set to impress with its stylish design and updated features. The new model will continue the Murano’s tradition of being a fashion-forward SUV and is expected to offer a comfortable and technologically advanced interior. With its anticipated release in 2024, fans of the Murano can look forward to experiencing the next evolution of this popular crossover.

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