7 Books about Enzo Ferrari to Read Before (or After) You See the Movie

Jackson Wheeler
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Italian writer Luca Dal Monte was actually an employees of Ferrari for several years, as the PR guy for Ferrari North America. He refers to that time in his life as “magical.” Anyone who was lucky enough to be working at a car magazine in those years (me!) benefitted from Dal Monte’s creativity and enthusiasm.

This is perhaps the most thorough book about the life of this great man, Enzo Ferrari, with details and truths you won’t find anywhere else. Ferrari first met his main mistress Lina Lardi in the 1920s, for instance, not in the ’40s, and he remained with her the rest of his life. And Lina Lardi wasn’t the only “other woman” in Enzo’s life. He was, if not quite a hound dog, then certainly an enthusiastic pursuer of beautiful women. The book also covers details of the race team, the Ford/Fiat intrigue, the road cars, everything. It’s written in exactly the way I/we all remember Luca speaking, with an Italian phraseology that is authentic and adds to the experience of reading it.

If you’re really dedicated, there’s a special Publisher’s Edition bound in genuine Schedoni Italian red leather, the same stuff used in Ferraris, and is signed by former Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, drivers Mario Andretti, Jody Scheckter, Gerhard Berger, and Stefan Johansson, and Ferrari insider and author Luca Dal Monte.

Either way, it’s a great and complete read about a fascinating character.

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