Autoweek’s 10 Favorite Automotive TikToks from 2023

Jackson Wheeler
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Audi Quattro in Action

1983 audi quattro

Starting us off, I’ve included the kind of creative archival editing that always makes my day. Scrolling through TikTok on the way to work, an upbeat edit of Audi’s most notable chassis swung around a stage rally is the kind of positive morning start we could all use. The house music is especially appreciated, too.


Chopped-Roof Nissan Maxima

black 2005 nissan maxima sedan on a road
Public Domain

Did Nissan ever make a droptop Maxima? That’s the exact question I asked myself when I first saw this TikTok, but a quick search revealed that Nissan never cornered the full-size, four-door, convertible market. In fact, a YouTube review from a year ago claimed this to be the only convertible Maxima around. Oh, and it has suicide doors!


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Racing Fits

a honda fit race car driving on a track
J’S Racing

I had to shift through Patina Research’s videos before I settled on this example. The page is seemingly dedicated to dropping some of the hardest automotive edits, and I’m jumping at the chance to honor my guilty pleasure car. I love Honda Fits or Honda Jazz or whatever you call them. Even more so when they’ve received the Best Motoring track treatment, too.


Cringey Meme

beautiful landscape winter forest and road winter time and snow
Alexandr Kolesnikov//Getty Images

You might have to excuse me for the meme format, but the joke is one any rally co-driver can laugh (or grimace) at. Just like the first officer on any commercial flight deck, the stage rally co-driver is an essential crew member who doesn’t always get the best reception from the left seat. Don’t cut is just a suggestion, of course.


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Cocteau Twins Trance

cocteau twins portrait session
Bob Berg//Getty Images

Are any Cocteau Twins fans in the comments? As serene and ethereal as our Scottish friends sound (and I do mean that sincerely), it can be hard to decipher what exactly they’re saying. Thankfully, playing shoegaze inside your Tesla does activate a special flight mode. Who knew?



cadbury caramel egg

Even if we’re decidedly not a United Kingdom publication (we avoid Britishisms), we can all appreciate a Cadbury Chocolate egg. I’m partial to the caramel one, but this moving version with wheels looks alright as well.


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Romance on Two Wheels

aerial view of tokyo at night
DuKai photographer//Getty Images

For the romantic in all of us, this video epitomizes the kind of carefree excitement that I want to see in this world. While I’m usually a stickler for wearing proper motorcycle gear, they just look so cool and happy that I can’t even knock it. Plus, look at that crazy chopper and the skyline behind it!


Michèle Mouton

mouton and fabrizia
Mike Powell//Getty Images

Michèle Mouton is both a hero and a legend in the true sense of both words. With a storied, successful, and challenging rally career, Mouton is worth hundreds of stories and more words than I have allotted here.

It’s simply nice to see an enduring fandom for her in the 21st century. And if you do want to read more, I suggest you check out Elana Scherr’s piece on Mouton.


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Ken Nomura Drifting

drifter ken nomura
Wikipedia Commons

Sped-up songs and rough cuts are all the rage on TikTok these days. But a closer look at this edit of a striking, decal-smattering Nissan ER34 generation Skyline reveals it to be professional drifter Ken Nomura’s own.

Driving for Japanese tuning company Blitz, Nomura performed well in Japan’s D1 Grand Prix drifting series throughout the mid-2000s.


DTM Racing

dtm ab 1990
ullstein bild//Getty Images

More archival footage, but from 1990s DTM racing this time! Beyond the 21st-century shock of so many BMW E30s and Mercedes-Benz W201s in the same place, the old-school computers and now iconic liveries make this 2000-born young adult yearn for some ’90s nostalgia. If I’m allowed to say that.


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Water Landing

seaplane taking off from the bay of water
Douglas Sacha//Getty Images

As a final nod to my deep investment in all things that move, I am thoroughly steeped in aviation enthusiasm, from air traffic control to general aviation and airline operations.

In my limited and humble experience, I think general aviation pilots are much like us car enthusiasts in demeanor, and I think watching one of the experts from Kenmore Air glide on Seattle’s Lake Union in a de Havilland DHC-3 Otter can be appreciated by all.


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