Buy a 1985 Charger or Omni, Dodge Will Throw in a Free Automatic

Jackson Wheeler
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Back in the middle 1980s, buyers of economy cars nearly always had to pay extra for an automatic transmission, air conditioning, or a radio—a lot extra, in most cases. But Chrysler’s Dodge Division had a deal going with the 1985 Omni and its platform cousin, the Charger.

1985 dodge omni and charger magazine advertisement


Yes, buy a new Omni with the Automatic Transmission Discount Package at just $6877 ($20,104 in 2024 dollars), and get the automatic transmission as part of the deal! Or if you preferred the sporty Charger, you could get it with the Manual Transmission Discount Package and a no-cost AM/FM radio for $6879 ($20,110 after inflation).

You’d save $439 or $447 versus the cost of buying those options a la carte ($1283 or $1307 today), though the base prices of those cars were a few hundred bucks cheaper without the packages.

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