Coolest Electrified Alternative Technologies from SEMA 2023

Jackson Wheeler
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We’ve featured the Kenworth x Toyota Hydrogen Semi-Truck collaboration on a number of lists for good reason. It takes the classic Kenworth big rig shape and throws an experimental powerplant under the hood. No need for EV aerodynamic body work anymore.

And our own Wesley Wren got to ride in Toyota’s hydrogen big rig late last year.

“Aside from the distinct lack of noise, and the reduced gear spread, the truck felt like a big rig. Sure, there wasn’t a trailer attached, which would likely dampen some of the spring in its hydrogen-fed step, but the transition to electrified powertrains should give big trucks the same torque advantage that we’re seeing in passenger cars,” Wren wrote back in August 2022.

Not convinced? The powertrain specifications may give you pause, in a good way. Pairing Kenworth’s 310 kW Dual Motor Assembly with Toyota’s Gen 2 Dual Fuel Cell Module, the
T680 FCEV makes 415 hp continuously with a maximum payload of 82,000 lbs. And these trucks are in operation today at the Port of Los Angeles, with customer deliveries set for 2024.

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