Looking for a 1282-HP Shooting Brake EV with a Raikkonen Mode?

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  • Zeekr 001 FR shooting brake specs reveal a 1282-hp (1300-bhp) standard output, in addition to a Raikkonen Mode, developed by the driver for Zeekr and meant for the track.
  • Zeekr is a brand launched in China and other markets by Volvo’s corporate parent Geely, aimed at offering performance and family electric models, with two currently shared closely with Volvo including the upcoming Volvo EX30.
  • The 001 FR, alongside more family-friendly versions of the 001, will be produced in much more modest numbers, with Zeekr planning to make approximately 1200 units per year.

Zeekr may not be a household name in the US, outside of EV enthusiast circles, but the recently launched brand, part of the greater Geely Cinematic Universe, is already offering its buyers something other EV makers do not. In this case, it’s a quad-motor electric shooting brake with 1282 hp on tap.

The Zeekr 001 FR claims to have achieved engineering targets that other EV makers have not tried to address in any one given vehicle, no matter the bodystyle. In addition to offering 0-to-62 mph launches in 2.02 seconds, the 001 FR can also perform tank turns, with wheels on each side spinning in opposite directions.

The rabid longroof also boasts a Raikkonen Mode for the track, developed by exactly who you think, which sharpens the car’s systems a bit more.

When it comes to charging, the mad grocery getter features a 100-kWh battery by CATL paired with an 800-volt electrical system, allowing for charging from 10% to 80% in 15 minutes.

Still, 100 kWh is no small pack, so the curb weight could be far above that of a similarly sized gas model.

The Volvo EX30, which we recently drove for the first time, is twinned with Geely’s Zeekr X.

All of these specs sound like some kind of Group B fever dream, or a hot hatch sketched out in seventh grade study hall, complete with a wide bodykit and rear wing. In fairness to that fever dream, some of the most legendary B Group rally cars of the 1980s were in fact hatchbacks.

One might think that all of these ludicrous specs would come with a sticker price requiring Kimi Raikkonen money. But in reality the Zeekr model’s price in China, revealed just days ago, yields another surprise: The model will start at about $105,800 at the current exchange rate. That’s not a lot of money for the horsepower being promised, easily eclipsing the Model S Plaid’s 1020-hp output.

a man standing next to a car

The 001 FR was developed with input from a certain F1 driver.


It also sounds like a good way to find yourself upside down in the ditch or up a tree without having Kimi’s actual driving skills.

But is the Zeekr 001 FR likely to see worthy challengers in any country anytime soon?

This seems unlikely, if only because electric station wagons—if not four-door hatches—are a very narrow segment at the moment. There are certainly a couple of EVs that offer north of 1000 hp, but they also do not tend to be four-door hatchbacks and cannot do tank turns. And they are also quite a bit larger and feature much heftier batteries.

While there’s no immediate danger of a Zeekr 001 FR terrorizing gravel roads at triple-digit speeds in your neck of the woods, we suspect the brand’s parent company may not be content to keep all of this hardware just for Zeekr owners’ amusement.

The company has already turned the Zeekr 009 minivan into a Volvo model, so we can’t really rule out this engineering staying confined to Zeekr. The Volvo EX30, which we drove just days ago for the first time, is twinned with the Zeekr X that entered production earlier this summer.

If there is one thing Geely has shown in its speed-run of brand creation, it’s that given enough time we’ll get to see its creations with different badges. And this five-door shooting brake already looks like a next-gen Volvo V40.

Should Geely offer the 001 FR stateside under the Volvo badge and with a similar price tag, or would demand for something like this be too niche? Let us know in the comments.

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