Magazine Ad for Datsun 610 Luxury Economy Car in 1974

Jackson Wheeler
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In the immediate aftermath of the OPEC oil embargo in the fall of 1973, overseas manufacturers of small cars found themselves in fine position to profit from soaring fuel prices in the United States. For the 1974 model year here, Datsun offered the tiny B210 (aka Nissan Sunny), the slightly bigger 710 (aka Nissan Violet) and the quasi-luxurious successor to the legendary 510: the 610 (aka Nissan Bluebird).

Here’s a magazine advertisement for the 1974 610, which was available in coupe, sedan, and wagon form that year.

1974 datsn 610 magazine advertisement


The MSRP for the sporty 710 hardtop coupe for 1974 was $3669, or about $24,224 in 2023 dollars. That was quite a bit more than the far more powerful 1974 Plymouth Duster 360 hardtop, which listed for $3288 ($21,709 after inflation).

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