Maserati’s EV Plans Have Shifted—What They Look Like Now

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  • Maserati sketches out EV timeline for the rest of the decade, planning to offer ICE and EV versions of most of its models.
  • The Quattroporte EV, originally expected later this year, has now been pushed back to 2028 as the automaker focuses on EV versions of its coupe and cabriolet, as well as the smaller of its two SUVs.
  • Maserati plans to introduce a large electric SUV in 2027, likely signaling an EV-only replacement for the Levante that could be paired with a Jeep model.

Maserati first sketched out its EV plans in some detail back in the spring of 2021, amid a flurry of efforts by several automakers to confirm that they indeed have electric models in the pipeline.

At the time, Maserati painted a gradual transition to battery-electric models, with the aim of allowing their customers to choose between gasoline and BEV versions of their core models. And that’s still largely the plan.

We’re now in 2024 and we’ve already driven the first of such battery-electric models that will exist alongside their ICE siblings, with the GranTurismo Folgore having arrived on sale in late 2023, at least in Europe.

Folgore, as you may have noted in the past couple of years, is the suffix that will denote electric versions of Maserati models, with the Grecale Folgore SUV having followed suit. In practice, deliveries of the GranTurismo Folgore and Grecale Folgore have been delayed; they’re only now starting to trickle in to dealerships across the Atlantic.

The GranCabrio Folgore will follow later this year, Maserati confirms, shortly after its ICE twin goes on sale. But after that things get interesting.

The Italian automaker, part of Stellantis, recently sketched out its longer-term EV plans. And there are a couple of surprises.

First of all, the electric version of the MC20 supercar will finally arrive in 2025. The automaker has kept a relatively tight lid on the project, having originally promised a 700-hp tri-motor layout. This recipe still appears to be the plan, though the horsepower output could see an upward revision, likely above 750 hp.

The electric version of the MC20 is also expected to serve as the basis for the more limited Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, offered (in tiny numbers) in ICE and EV form.

2024 maserati granturismo folgore


The battery-electric GranTurismo Folgore is now arriving in customers

But the Quattroporte BEV that was expected to land later this year as a 2025 model will actually arrive in 2028, Maserati revealed.

Maserati has been focused instead on launching its two debut EV lines in 2024, as well as its Formula-E effort, in the face of industry turmoil and a now-packed roster of expensive electric sedans. The model itself had been rumored to be delayed even before Maserati recently confirmed it this month—and the delay sounds more like an actual scrapping of mostly complete plans.

The model that will arrive a year before the Quattroporte BEV will be one that Maserati now describes as a “brand-new large E-UV BEV,” due in 2027. This is now expected to be the electric version of the Levante that was slated to arrive in 2025, suggesting another launch date push back. But it remains to be seen if it will keep the Levante name, as Maserati has hinted that it could receive a new nameplate.

It is worth noting that the current-gen Levante has been in production since 2016, and may well have another couple of years left in it before an EV version arrives in 2027, given the recent length of some Maserati product cycles.

And the Levante Folgore, as we’ll call it for now, could actually be paired with the battery-electric Jeep Wagoneer S in Stellantis’ lineup, as strange as that may sound at first blush. Whether it will also receive an ICE version in 2027 remains to be seen, but Maserati had earlier stated that it plans to go EV-only by 2030.

The one model Maserati did not mention in the latest EV timeline is the Ghibli, which has now been in production since 2013 and has since received hybrid versions.

On the one hand the Ghibli doesn’t have that much time left in current form, but its replacement is not believed to be imminent either. And the possible reason for this omission now appears quite rational.

The 2028 Quattroporte EV is now speculated but not confirmed to replace both models when it arrives—a logical step since Maserati experienced some obvious market pressures supporting two luxury sedan models for the past decade. A single four-door model is now seen as being likely to play the sedan role in the lineup starting in 2028, perhaps with a smaller physical footprint than we’ve become used to with the current Quattroporte.

Maserati’s electric future, in effect, now looks more like a lineup of sports cars and SUVs, rather than sedans.

Is there a need for two Maserati sedans in its lineup, whether they’re ICE or EV models? Let us know what you think.

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