Nissan Hyper Punk Debuts in Fortnite before Real Life

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  • The Nissan Hyper Punk concept is set to debut online in Fortnite and in the real world at the Japan Mobility Show.
  • Nissan says this wild concept is designed with content creators in mind and features exterior cameras to capture video.
  • This concept rides on a set of polygonal-styled 23-inch wheels.

It looks like Nissan is taking a hard look at content creators, streamers, and artists with its latest concept. Dubbed the Nissan Hyper Punk, this machine would fit right in with the traffic from video games like Cyberpunk 2077. This futuristic crossover concept has a hard-to-miss polygonal design that helps give it a futuristic feel. This big BEV concept is also rolling on a massive set of 23-inch wheels.

Obviously, concept cars are supposed to look futuristic. However, recent years have shown that automakers have started making their concepts closer to a production equivalent. That is likely far from the case with this Hyper Punk show car. The geometric shell and its similarly origami-inspired interior could make their way to an assembly line, but this BEV will likely just live on as a design study.

nissan hyper punk concept


Somehow, though, the Hyper Punk’s design isn’t its wildest part. The Hyper Punk is stuffed with high-end tech that should impress any digital enthusiast. The Hyper Punk sports onboard cameras that turn the surrounding world into an anime thanks to the help of artificial intelligence. That new cartoon world is then relayed to the driver by a series of screens.

If that’s not interesting enough, the Hyper Punk can also detect the driver’s mood by way of biosensors in the headrest and more AI magic and play the music and set the lighting to best fit that mood. Naturally, this thing also can connect the data-hungry devices inside the cabin to the internet, to help with content creation.

Adding another level to the Hyper Punk is its 23-inch wheels. These illuminated rollers tie the concept’s design together with four more triangles. With 22-inch wheels coming on production vehicles, a set of 23-inch wheels probably isn’t too far behind. Still, these massive wheels help give another element to the Hyper Punk’s design that makes it over the top.

If you aren’t attending the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, you’re still in luck. While the in-person reveal will be in Japan, the team at Nissan is launching its Hyper Punk in the digital world with an appearance in Fortnite. The company notes that the Hyper Punk concept will become available in Fortnite on October 25, which is also when it will make its real-life reveal.

Do you think Nissan’s assembly lines will ever see anything like this Hyper Punk concept? Tell us your thoughts below.

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