Tesla Cybertruck’s Aero Covers Are Damaging Tire Sidewalls

Jackson Wheeler
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  • YouTuber T Sportline – Tesla Upgrades & Accessories highlights areas where the wheel covers of a Tesla Cybertruck have dug into the sidewall of the tire.
  • Brian Reese from T Sportline suggests Tesla could be redesigning the aero cover to prevent sidewall damage, and he suggests Cybertruck owners remove these current aero covers until the new ones arrive.
  • The Tesla Cybertruck’s hard plastic wheel covers extend beyond the rim with pliable rubberized extensions, but those extensions come in contact with the sidewall during each rotation of the tire and appear to be causing the damage.

If you were wondering if the Tesla Cybertruck’s wheel covers would cause problems, well, that’s apparently the case. According to a video on the T Sportline – Tesla Upgrades & Accessories YouTube channel, the aero cover that extends beyond the wheel is digging into the sidewall of the Cybertruck’s tire.

Any damage to a tire’s sidewall is not ideal. The sidewall is the most fragile part of the tire, and any puncture in a passenger car’s sidewall is effectively a death sentence for that tire. This video suggests the chafing from this wheel cover may not directly puncture the sidewall, and it could take tens of thousands of miles to do any serious damage. Still, any sidewall damage should be inspected by a professional.

In the video above, Brian Reese from T Sportline, a Tesla tuning company, notes that his sources say the aero cover is currently out of stock. Reese suggests these wheel covers are out of stock because Tesla is likely redesigning them to help avoid any sort of tire damage.

This could be good news for Cybertruck early adopters if these wheel covers are redesigned. One day, these early wheel covers could be sought-after collector items because of their relatively limited release. Or, perhaps these aero covers are out of stock just because of production constraints.

Still, Reese suggests Cybertruck owners remove these current aero covers until the new ones arrive.

Do you think Tesla will encourage people to remove the current aero covers, and then redesign them? Tell us your thoughts below.

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