The Original 1978 Ford Fiesta ’Wundercar‘ Came from Germany

Jackson Wheeler
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Ford stopped selling the Mazda-derived Fiesta in the United States after 2019, but we should recall that the original Fiesta sold here was designed by Ford of Europe and built in Cologne, Germany.

Available in the United States just for the 1978 through 1980 model years, the tiny (1761-pound) first-generation Fiesta got impressive fuel economy at just the right moment. Here’s a magazine advertisement for the new ’78 Fiesta.

1978 ford fiesta magazine advertisement

Ford Motor Company

The Fiesta gave Dearborn a car that was smaller than the Pinto and had a modern front-wheel-drive powertrain. Once the new Escort showed up for the 1981 model year, though, the Fiesta got pushed aside here.

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