These Are the Best Motorcycles We Rode in 2023

Jackson Wheeler
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Zero has been making electric motorcycles since 2006. It came out with the DS—for Dual Sport—in 2010. Now it has expanded into the growing Adventure bike segment with this DSR/X electric ADV.

The DSR/X shares some componentry with the SR/S and SR/F electric road bikes but with a revised frame and a higher ride height to accommodate an extra 2.5 inches of suspension travel for dirt stompin’. The stock battery is 17.3 kWh, good for 180 miles in stop-and-go city driving, Zero says. The most range I saw was 116 miles, the lowest 71 miles. Zero lists 107 miles of range at a steady 55 mph, 85 miles at 70 mph. You can add 37.5 miles of range with an extra 3.6-kWh battery for $3200. Your mileage will vary—wildly.

But you’ll enjoy every mile. The bike’s 166 lb-ft of torque is instantaneous and remains available all across the tach. And yes, that’s a lot of torque, more than anything else with two wheels.

I put a few hundred miles on the DSR/X and found it to be one of the most comfortable bikes I’ve ever ridden. For all-around usability, zipping across LA, and at the same time being able to ride in the dirt, it’s almost unmatched. The lack of a clutch, clutch handle, any gears to shift, and even a chain to power the rear wheels (it’s belt-driven) makes this the easiest-to-ride bike made.

Zero just lowered the price on all its electric motorcycles. The cost of a DSR/X has dropped by $4500 to $19,995 before destination charges, which makes it a lot more attainable.

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