This Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘57 Is the Ultimate Birthday Gift

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  • The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘57 takes inspiration from the legendary Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic.
  • This one-off Bugatti is mechanically unchanged from the standard Chiron Super Sport, which means the proud owner can expect 1578 hp from the 8.0-liter turbocharged W16.
  • The interior features Type 57 SC Atlantic logos on the door panels.

In what could be the best birthday gift ever, a Bugatti enthusiast was gifted the chance to configure her own Bugatti Chiron Super Sport for her 70th birthday. According to Bugatti, the owner saw the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic at the Mullin Automotive Museum 20 years ago and fell in love. On her journey to configure her own Chiron in Molsheim, France, she spotted a scale model of the Type 57 SC Atlantic and started working with designers to make this special creation.

This over-the-top Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘57 takes obvious inspiration from the Type 57 SC Atlantic but blends it with all the modernity of the Chiron Super Sport. From the front, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport’s grille was replaced with a chrome grille akin to the Type 57. Second maybe only to the grille, this one-off Bugatti is finished in as close to the same silver-blue finish as the Type 57 SC Atlantic the customer saw two decades prior.

Of course, this Atlantic-inspired Chiron Super Sport hasn’t seen a straight-eight swap. Under the engine cover of this special Bugatti is still the W16 from the rest of the Chiron Super Sport lineup. That means that this machine sends 1578 hp through its seven-speed automatic. That’s a step up from the 1936 Bugatti Type 57 SC.

While this car is in the hands of a private owner, it wouldn’t be out of pocket to one day see this custom creation grace the grounds of Concours d’Elegance decades from now. However, until that day, the folks at Bugatti say the owner is taking it out on the road—a fitting place for this special grand tourer.

What do you think of this one-off Bugatti? Would you have done anything differently? Tell us your thoughts below.

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