Volvo Cars Updates Its EV Model Names and It Makes Sense

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  • Volvo shakes up its naming convention to better help customers separate the internal-combustion and electrified models.
  • Volvo is rebranding its XC40 and C40 Recharge models as EX40 and EC40, respectively.
  • Volvo is also removing the Recharge branding from its plug-in hybrid models.

If you thought Volvo’s naming conventions were confusing, you probably weren’t alone. Hoping to solve these woes, Volvo is streamlining and making its alphanumeric naming system more accurately reflect what car the name represents.

Volvo’s updated naming approach comes alongside some updates for the company’s electrified and battery-electric offerings.

Following the launch of its all-electric EX30 compact crossover, Volvo is rebranding its XC40 and C40 Recharge models to fall in line. Now dubbed the EX40 and EC40, Volvo shoppers could have a better understanding of what these models actually are, and help curb any confusion about their powertrains.

volvo c40 recharge


Volvo C40 Recharge, before its name change.

If you’re curious about the internal-combustion XC40, don’t worry: It’s sticking around without any name changes.

There’s some shakeup on the plug-in hybrid side of your Volvo dealership, too. Volvo is pulling the Recharge branding from its PHEV offerings. Instead of Recharge, these Volvo plug-in hybrids will simply use their T6 and T8 powertrain badging to tell the world that they’re PHEVs.

While a better naming convention is important, there’s also good news coming for Volvo EVs in general. The Swedish-Chinese automaker is offering a software upgrade for EVs that’s available through the Volvo Cars app.

The company notes this upgrade is available in select markets on fully electric XC40 and C40 Recharge models. While there’s no mention of price, Volvo does note this performance upgrade squeezes an extra 25 kW, or 34 hp, out of these battery-electric machines.

Volvo doesn’t say when these name changes will take place, but probably sooner than later.

Do you think this streamlined naming system will help people better understand the Volvo lineup? Tell us your thoughts below.

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